11 thoughts on “Cat politely asking to get petted”

  1. Cutest kitty ever!!….I wish everyone loved cats!! …..I hate when I hear others say they don't like cats. Its only cuz they are thinking things like, he looks mean, isn't friendly, is aloof, doesn't care, is giving dirty looks, etc. You cant think like that…..its a cat……they aren't thinking ALL that kind of stuff……but they do have personalities like all other animals.

  2. politely? yea next time I want some of my friends food im just gonna invade his space and stare at them. cuz that's polite right? stupid cat.

  3. God, maybe this adorable video would be more enjoyable if thirsty, desperate, lonely men didn't completely dehumanized a woman. Grow the fuck up and show some respect.

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