11 thoughts on “Cat Quest Ep 1: CUTE KITTY… DRAGONBLOOD??? – Punny Kitty RPG! – Let’s Play, Gameplay”

  1. Delightful is definitely a good word to describe this! And those fiery critters … are those foxes?

  2. Wait you atually lived in Singapore? Why was that and how did you live in singapore and now in the US again? So many questions haha Anyways, this is a perfect game for you, a game about cats starring even more cats haha

  3. I'm so glad your playing this… you're perfect for it!
    (You have no idea how hard it was not typing purrfect LOL Is it possible to have too much cattery!?)

  4. I have only watched 15 minutes of it yet.
    But I already love it and went ahead and bought it 😀

    FYI For all others who might want to buy it:
    There is a free demo on steam so you can test it yourself! Also it's (the whole game) currently on sale, 20% off. So you can get it for 10.39€ instead of 12.99€ (don't ask me what that's in Dollars, I don't know, Steam only shows me in Euro as I'm european ^^). Offer seems to end at August 15, so you have enough time.

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