1. Thanks for reinsirping me Tim, I'm currently putting pen to paper as to what I am going to say about this and how I can spread it around. Given I have recently being looking into elite pedophilia I wonder how many unwitting tools have been used along the way to create the soft touch effect that can be had on society through a thousand invisible influences and I suspect, on gut alone, that the soft touch was used to precipitate the environment that would foster such automated degeneracy on an almost Frankenstein-esque Orwellian level.
    So basically I'm saying the psychopaths in charge are smart and efficient folk and maybe they paid a few Indian people to get the ball rolling once the Elsa Gate effect was clear to any who looked.

  2. A potential less censorship way of handling this other than banning or forcibly hiding questionable videos could be to make a blacklist for autoplay.

  3. Some folks I know once did a show about the absolute worst of these kinds of videos. Course, there was a 1,000 view limit on the videos to qualify.

  4. I️ think it would be smarter if YouTube offer a parent control option. In this option parents can set their account to only play video they have subscribed to for their kids. Only videos by those creators would play while in this mode. This is not clear cut and there would have to be a way to prevent the kid from getting out of the mode or locking the account into that mode. Seems like an easy fix and allows parents more control. Plus parents do the work not YouTube.

  5. Tim, you have a sloppy way of describing things. Someone who has an accent is not “someone who doesn’t speak English.” Or you’ll say something makes “everyone mad at everyone else.” Nothing does that.

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