12 thoughts on “Coming out GAY to my 5 year old brother”

  1. i dont condone this. yes its ok to be gay, but a 5yro is to young. he needs to experience the world for himself.. this could maybe set him to be gay himself, growing up watching his brother with guys, this could have changed him, and any 5yro doesnt deserve to be changed… u shouldnt of took the risk..

  2. This needs to go viral. For all the right reasons. Children are what their parents make of them. Like fashioning a clay pot. It can only be shaped once. Even if you can change the color or glaze. Once it is fired it cannot be remade. Speaking from painful experience. A person can change given enough time, effort, and motivation. But the core of who you are; your doubts, fears, and deep seated beliefs rarely ever do. So, it is very important how you teach your children. Because they in turn will help to shape all the generations to come. Let the seeds you sow become mighty trees. And not the weeds that strangle others before they have a chance to grow.

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