8 thoughts on “Competitive Cyclist: How to Unpack Your New Road Bike”

  1. Be sure to read Competitive Cyclist review on my blog before you buy. Please go to inspirereviews. com/competitive-cyclist-review/ Thanks, Elisha.

  2. its all good sorry i got so defensive. its a hard lifestyle you have to really love the sport beacause only see about 6k a year from the team xD. i work another job when i can and get most of my money from races.

  3. wow you moron you dont think i can change a tire or play with the barrel adjusters myself? i never say that i COULD put a bike together (obviously i can you have to be a complete fucking moron not to know how) i just said i have people that do it for me……….

    read next time before opening your mouth cat 5

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