17 thoughts on “Confess Your Love”

  1. If he wasn't happy with that girl he is about to marry he could've broken up and then try it with this girl.. I would not trust that man for nothing.

  2. So Wendy, did that girl ever confess her love for her friend? WHAT HAPPEN NEXT? I want to find out LOL

  3. I think it's GREAT that the daughter feels comfortable enough to tell her father something like that! That is rare and should happen more often! Now the father knows and can help her! What is Wendy talking about???

  4. "a woman doesnt share certain things with her dad" I for one think its great they have such a good relationship where his daughter feels like she can tell her father anything… Wtf is wrong with that? Wtf wendy?

  5. On the last girls question about breaking up a wedding Im remember someone asking with this exact question asking this and Wendy told her to sit down and just be happy for her friend and that it was too late to do anything about it. What's different now??

  6. That's Some bad advices girl, naaaaa-aaahhhh!!!!! 1st of all for the father, you have to see what's going on in your daughter's life.. Sugar daddies are not trust worthy. You don't know what's the price for what they give, there is always a price they always want something back and before you know it your daughter is a prostitute on the streets. As a parent is your duty to protect your children even if the r grown adults.
    And 2nd of all for the young girl, you have to think clearly, ok! If this man was capable to doubt his feelings towards his fiancée don't u think he could do the same to u? Are u sure sure sure that u are in love with him or you just love/like him? Because from my observation you r like not even sure that you want him really. Maybe just as "fudge"-buddy(if you know what I mean). You should never ever ever ever trust your heart it's so treacherous (Jer. 17:9). Think before you act, don't think for now think also ahead like what if do this or that?! Just sayin'

  7. That last girl is delusional to say the least, I mean if that guy loves her as she claims why didn't he do something about it when they were both single? If a man really loves you he will step up to the plate. Secondly why did he get this other poor girl involved in this mess and ask her for marriage if he was so called in love with another woman? This whole story seems very messed up and stupid. Plus word of advice if he cheats, he will one day cheat on you too.

  8. Wendy looks so pretty in that pink dress. I think she gave that girl the right advice. I'd like to know what happened.

  9. I hate Wendy's advice sometimes. Like what? What morals do you have? The first one should stop his loose daughter.

  10. I bought Wendy's dress on HSN and I got it today. The dress is so beautiful and the fabric is a really nice quality.

  11. As crappy as it seems, Wendy did that guys fiancée a huge favor… She'll be heartbroken for a while, but at least she won't be married to that azz hole who is hollering at other females behind her back while she's planning their Wedding! I'd rather wait for a man who has No One but Me on his mind on the day of our wedding… That chick with the annoying laugh can have him, he sounds weak AF…

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