16 thoughts on “Cultured Almond Cheese – Gruyère Style [ vegan + gluten-free ]”

  1. My life. This cheese is so good that I have to do some as soon I know that there is a little bit left.

  2. How does the flavor change once it sits in the fridge for a few days? I just finished mine and while the texture and flavor are great, I find it a bit sour still

  3. Hi, I tried the recipee and I think it's way to salty, even if I'm not eating the rind, is it possible that I salted to much and that the salt "travelled" into the cheese? or is it supposed to be so salty?

  4. I tried this recipe with cashew cheese, but unfortunately the cheese cloth got stuck on the crust I couldn't remove it. I had to scrape the inside which was still soft into a container to salvage what was left 🙁

  5. +Mary's Test Kitchen | Vegan Cooking Can you do it with your basic cashew cheese recipe? The texture of the cashew looks a lot smoother than the almond one.

  6. Unwrapped and air drying. Had a sneaky taste. Amazing already. What a great recipe and process If only making vegan gorgonzola wasnt so complicated and labour intensive (Connie's RAWsome kitchen). I think Bryanna uses fermented tofu (very stinky). Does anybody have link to Bryanna's blue cheese recipe???

  7. I so did this with hempseeds currently it is solid ready to come out of the cheesecloth and air dry I'm so excited to try it!!!

  8. I am currently doing some cultured cashew cream cheese. Do I need to refrigerate and then start culturing into a block or can I just continue outside of the fridge?

  9. Hi Mary! Will white miso powder work instead of yellow miso paste? Thanks for the amazing recipes btw. 🙂

  10. Hi Mary, the cheese I made has white worms growing. Any reason for this? Could it be the rejuvelac? Mine has tiny roots growing out but I did not let it grow to full phase so I am not sure. I live in a warm country so temperature should not be an issue. On the other hand, can I use vegan probiotic from capsules instead to replace rejuvelac? Thank you for your help!

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