Decisive Battles – Gaugamela (Macedon vs Persia)

13 thoughts on “Decisive Battles – Gaugamela (Macedon vs Persia)”

  1. Never again will one man have this opportunity for greatness, you could once raise an army and set out for conquest for no other reason than glory and revenge. Just 1 decisive battle could immortalise a man.
    But now the system we live under means any type of uprising or conquest is immediately put down, there simply isn't the opportunity to be a Great War leader because society is very docile and has no reason to fight. Weak politicians dictate our lives, the media keeps the sheep in check. Now days the weak rule and the strong serve, but we have the strength to topple their selfish system and have the chance for glory and a better world!
    Why do you think such men like napoleon, Hitler, Stalin etc are immortalised? Because regardless of your opinion of them they challenged the system and made controversial decisions for honour and gain. One day I hope some how to be immortalised like Alexander. Now days conquering the world is not possible, however being a famous actor, thinker, athlete and fighter are all ways we can achieve immortality!

  2. Greek were coward people. There style of warfare was very passive and defensive. They needed to wait for the enemy to approach them, so the enemy would attack first. That is called fear, not tactics.

  3. yet in the this other documentary i watched alexander prepared for the chariots buy creating a mouse trap formation

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