15 thoughts on “DECLUTTERING & ORGANIZING MY KIDS’ STUFF || Modern Grey/White Aesthetic”

  1. Love this! I'm currently trying to tackle storing/organizing the outgrown baby gear (because we all know it's never ending) Do you have any tips for that?

  2. Great video! I'd love to see more organizational ones. You have such great ideas! That ottoman from Costco is amazing! Love the trays on top.

  3. I like the idea with the art supplies, they are a mess at our place and I never manage to find what I am looking for.

  4. I'm not quite to the motherhood stage, but I really enjoy these videos so that I can remember all these tips and tricks in the future when I need them!!

  5. Nothing motivates 4-year-old twins to clean than when I point out that they wouldn't have hurt their foot stepping on that toy if they cleaned up their room. Like I've asked them to do 5 times so far that day.

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