13 thoughts on “Deep relaxing sleep music: Go for your deepest sleep yet. (3 hours)”

  1. I just wanna say that I appreciate everything you do on this channel. It not only helps me but it helps others too. I believe that i have some forms of insomnia because it takes me ages apon ages to fall asleep and more often than not, I have to force myself to sleep. I would be falling asleep at 2 or 3 In the morning because of it and my mother is having lots of surgeries done for her back, so she can't afford testing or a study, not to mention medication. But but this particular video has been helping me calm down before at least 12 and settle in. I find that if I'm relaxed, I fall asleep Better. so yes, I'm very thankful for what you do. keep doing it 🙂

  2. i have listened to.most every one,including most of "sleep with rain" all are so very helpfull for me as i have a hard time falling asleep…. but this one …is probubly my favorite! i love it

  3. This will be my third night listening to this and i can honestly say these past nights have been the most relaxing and deepest sleep i have ever had i do suffer from anxiety and has helped alot! Thanks

  4. This really helps with coping with midterms and relieving the stress I have in Uni for the luxury that sleep is. This is perfect. The silence, the cricket sounds our ancestors slept through, and the monotone frequency is perfect for sleep.

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