15 thoughts on “Deep Sleep Hypnosis for Meeting Your Spirit Guides (Guided Sleep Meditation Dreaming)”

  1. BIG THANK i had the most amazing experience …all my questions answered ,,i feel free..LOVE YOU XXXX

  2. +Michael Sealy,i am Brindusa from Romania, i really like your powerfull meditationes so my question is~ would you mind if i translate them in romanian~ and try to transmit your meditation to romanian people too, Thank you and please let me know !

  3. By the time the wooden canoe came in I had already started exploring and climbed a mountain so i grabbed a pedal powered biplane instead and set off for the horizon

  4. This is what exactly the concept of dying in islam….the whole process is all about dying ..leaving world and raising soul in heavens with all same feelings and visions…mashallah ..this is the true way to attain ultimate peace and tranquility in sleep…..in islam sleep is similar to death…

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