11 thoughts on “Dissidia Final Fantasy AC [Arcade] OST – Decisive Battle [FFV]”

  1. Why is no one on this Earth able to recreate the bass and drums like the original version at least a lil? Otherwise, this is a beautiful rendition of the song I've been waiting for!!!!

  2. OMG one of the best boss theme now with more arcade x.x
    This song makes me want go to the void say hi to gilgamesh…

  3. i would've loved to listen more the Bass and better Drums, but its still ok. i still prefer Johnny Atma's version though

  4. Humm.. It seems like FFXIV's version has a more full set of instruments but this one still sounds more aggressive.

    The drums are definitely way more prominent like the classic version, which I definitely appreciate. As well as the keyboard parts.

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