14 thoughts on “Do schools kill creativity? | Sir Ken Robinson”

  1. In this talk, Ken Robinson offers us the consolation that it's not our fault we didn't do so well at school, it was the school's fault; no wonder it's so popular. But for someone whose main priority is to get a cheap laugh, teachers and the education system are low-hanging fruit. I look forward to hearing his constructive suggestions, of which this talk is wholly devoid.

  2. This is the first time to see the film. For me, Sir Ken Robinson spoke so fast that i just can read Chinese subtitles. Really fantastic!

  3. Instead of an increase and betterment in our school systems, we now have gender confusion being taught as truth…

  4. Subscribe to me if this comment section makes you cringe. "The teachers were mean to me in skew-wel! Bew-hew-hew!"

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