15 thoughts on “‘Do the right thing’ brothers go viral in adorable way”

  1. Raised right? lol Where is the parent's? It's a good thing the door they knocked on was not another crazy person who does crazy stuph.

  2. There should be a TV show and a prize awarded for kids like that…

    interview random kids who've saved a life, donated time, done the right thing…anyone exceptional

    Would be a fun show for kids to watch and teach morality and integrity

  3. and GUESS WHAT they are WHITE! !!!! You wont see a black group of kids doing that! Way to keep America Great!! Go white children! fuck nigglets lmao.

  4. Now : Good Little Boy, They are raise with good Intention.

    Later : White Racist Nazi, They are Fascist With Bad intention.

    I let you guess where everything is gonna change.

  5. It's so sad how these kids will likely get little recognition compared to the "cash me outside how bout dat" girl. This world rewards awful behavior and that's sad.

  6. An example of natural human behavior before the indoctrination of the educational control system kicks in. Refreshing for a change, thank you.

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