9 thoughts on “Do You Ignore Political Posts on Facebook? | We’ve Got Questions”

  1. To be honest, I largely ignore Facebook, and mainly because of the way it polarizes accounts. I'd much rather think of Marissa Tomei, and how she's eligible to be in the AARP. And how I still want to. . .watch her movies.

  2. Rule #1 – When you've been proven, without a doubt, to be a racist, homophobe, xenophobe, misogynist, etc., you have to sacrifice one of your children. Preferably the male one in order to stop the bloodline.

  3. Every comment should have a knowledge CAPTCHA.

    You're forced to answer fact based questions to prove you have an understanding of the subject matter beyond "this is what Alex Jones / Rachel Maddow told me"

  4. Political posts make me crave turkey with cranberry sauce, and mashed potatoes with gravy. (Edit/addendum:) I feel like Facebook 'debates' would be much improved if we could throw food at each other.

  5. Rule: all statements will be automatically ran through a fact checker & results/corrections are then listed in citations under each comment.

  6. That if you say the same thing over and over that the post pops up 'you already ranted about this, are you sure?' or that if it's race based the post automatically tags any of your friends of that ethnicity in it so they know your beliefs.

  7. Political posts make me feel exhausted. It'd be better if commenting on a political post entered you into a five minute debate, the loser of which loses a finger.

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