Doug Gottlieb on Cavs’ payroll making room for LeBron, Talks Warriors’ woes | FIRST THINGS FIRST

17 thoughts on “Doug Gottlieb on Cavs’ payroll making room for LeBron, Talks Warriors’ woes | FIRST THINGS FIRST”

  1. It must be a joy to be a fake Jew in America because you could do wrong and don't get publicly shamed repeatedly for it. Gilbert is the reason why teams are being severely penalized for going over the cap. Gilbert is the reason for Kyrie wanting to be traded and Gilbert is the reason for the Cavs struggles this season. Gilbert is also the reason why the roster is revamped.

  2. The Luxury tax is chump change compared to the loss they would incur if Lebron left…. I don't give credit to gilbert…its a simple business move

  3. This new host really is an improvement. When she speaks it's always heightening the conversation, never just a random interruption. She's very great.

  4. I like the show better without Nick Wright. He's too much of a LeBron fanatic and hearing it in every episode he's in gets old. I like this other guy so much better

  5. If signing lebron always means that whatever team he goes to is gonna be over the luxury tax that alone should you idiot kids that he isn't and has never been the best. The best doesn't need to stack up teams to historic levels the best makes teammates better. Signing already great players is much different. Every team he goes to they are over the luxury tax because he can't and could never do it without a somebody else. That doesn't mean Lebron isn't great it just means he isn't the best.

  6. LeBron wants to buy a team. Therefore, he should always do what's in his BEST interest. Take max money while he can.

  7. They 'literally' put all their chips on the table did they? What sort of chips were they and why did that help?

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