14 thoughts on “Earth is Undeniably Flat: ‘This is not even a conspiracy theory’ Says NBA Star Kyrie Irving”

  1. This is why your the best mike. Even when you have a differing belief, you're always so respectful of other peoples views.

  2. Look…..this theory sounds great but at the end of the day it's still stating that the world is flat.

  3. Interesting how some parts of the planet is dark and the other half is light… if it was flat wouldnt that mean one part of the planet stays lit up or goes dark entirely… bc i cant be talking to a friend from thailand while its day time in canada and night time thailand

  4. The flat earth thing is real if you don’t buy into it it’s because you really haven’t looked into it

  5. SOULTON: request nasa to help u go into the space so that they can see it themselves…i am just curiuos why people still believes that earth is flat….

  6. I keep wondering what will happen when the extraterrestrials show up and figures out how odd some of us are

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