13 thoughts on “Eddie Vedder – Guaranteed (Into The Wild)”

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  2. The real guy who this movie was about was a complete moron. He had no business out there he didn't know fuck all about how to survive. They turned a useless tragedy into some kind of romantic delusion that he did something great.

  3. Everyone who watched the movie and loved it should read the book of Jon Krakauer. It gives you so much more background informations about the story and 8€ is pretty cheap so get it and enjoy the book. Its really good. The books of Chris sister I don`t know. I don`t like when someone of the family write a book and earning money with that. tbh I don`t know if she give this money to a charity or something like this. I don`t know if her books (she wrote two different about the same topic, how strange) are good. For me Jon Krakauer made an awesome job and for me its the original story, the rest are only a try to make money with it. You can really read and feel how Jon really liked Chris and his crazy dreams but also he try to ask about the real motivation. Not only that he would say Chris was a Hero. For me Chris was a maniac depressed, confused and dissapointed young guy who never felt the love he was searching for in his family. I was so close to do the same like he did but after all….I`ve read the book of Jon and watched the movie I see the story different and it don`t motivates me to copy Chris, wich would be really stupid. The live in the wild is a very nice dream. But the reality looks much more different. And to think that you can survive over many years alone in the wildness is very silly. There is a reason why only a group of people are able to survive. Everyone needs a task and finally you are part of a kind of society.

  4. So many times I picture places I've been, and yearn to venture alone. Away, away to anywhere out there to solitude. Peace, serenity, nomadic. Live!

  5. The funny or sad part about this article about this story. Is that those who are against it, & Chris the most? Are those that are lifers in Alaska. A great state to live in the "old fashioned way". The way that Chris wanted to live it. Because all of these people now have and always use. All of the modern conveniences of today's world. The world Chris and many of his followers so desperately want to get away from ( even if only temporarily ) Even the write admits, that after reading the book. She certainly saw why Chris was drawn to do what he did. To hell with all those who claim to be "toughing it out" in Alaska. While always using all the same things they criticize Urban dwellers for using. Living their urban lives. So big deal, your weather is a lot more suckier then most of the places. You still live just like 99% of other Americans do. And deal with the same shit every day that everyone else does. Chris was TIRED of that shit all together ( as are the rest of us who love what he did ) I just don't have the courage or health to go to it myself. Sure he died, as have others that followed him. But America never would have been discovered PERIOD. If it wasn't for people like Chris. Willing to risk dying, living in a way he much preferred. Over the safety of what could have been a luxurious life for him at home.


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