18 thoughts on “Education is Your Most Powerful Weapon | Gateways”

  1. Half the city shots aren't even chehalis lol. I live there and I'm pretty sure they just used shots of Seattle. Other than that, love this series

  2. There has to be another punishment for children. 16 is still considered a child.. 20 years at 16… that’s a really harsh punishment for a child.

  3. it's sad because he will be released n 2032 and i also related to him, i also used to be in gang last time and locked up, got out of gang when i don't want to get trouble on other gangs turf but i dont do drug , just fighting in club and street but many lies happened make confused who is at fault , i fought every staircase on big or smal built no matters know what you doing that how i now living peace already. im now 27 years working hard on job and travel alot. just stay away and study hard for your own good like i always tell people repeat always. remember gang don't like betrayers and taliors or you need to settle your own.

  4. He hit the nail on the head, education should prepare you to lead the right life, whereas it has now become an unwelcoming environment where pointless knowledge is the focal point of our school experience. As a community WE ALL need to fix education. We have the power to do so

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