13 thoughts on “Elderly Harrassed by Teens | “What Would You Do?””

  1. I was almost crying the whole time even though I knew they were actors. Old people are just so sweet and deserve more love ;_;

  2. As an 85 year old man myself its good to see that there are still good people in the world that wouldn't just turn and walk the other way! I feel it also has to be said that, for all the bad press they get, there are some wonderful young people out there! I recently fell while out shopping and it was two girls in their 20s that helped me to my feet and drove me home.

  3. old people and little kids are not to be messed with… if you do you deserve the best ass whooping ever.

  4. typical behavior of degenerate white American kids whose parents probably consider it barbaric and child abuse to discipline them with canes when they err . if this shit happened in Africa the kids would be hanged drawn and quartered (literally).

  5. Why can't you guys respect you guys respect your parents we all respect you all guys r stupid no dumb

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