1. Imagining how someone's rage could be so strong and yet so cold to the point where he can engineer the entire collapse of the justice system in one of the US's largest cities, and completely dismember a man to tiny pieces with hardware and surgical equipment is scary to think about

  2. "I'm just getting warmed up. This is von Clausewitz shit, total fucking war! I'm going to pull the whole thing down. I'm going to bring the whole fucking diseased, corrupt temple down on your head, it's going to be biblical!" :X 😀

  3. Love the movie. & love this song. I had never heard this song until the scene where Clyde SMOKED HIS CELLMATE. Then laid it down. Ice Cold Badd Boi!!!

  4. Outstanding movie, but as with all hollywood movies its a morality tale sooner or later the bad guy has to go down, ESPECIALLY if hes exposing the corupt justice system thats in place in america,

    The court room scene punctuated this point for the movie 🙂

    "If You kill Him to save Them, They will kill You to save Him"

    To be honest one of the mst profound movies in history, that serves very provocative food for thought

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