10 thoughts on “Engine Warm up Demo – 1”

  1. Oil being bad/sludgy or too thick (20w50 in winter) can keep a bike from idling or running.
    The more performance per cc usually makes it more sensitive. Also smaller engines tend to be sensitive.

  2. I always warm my bike up for at least 10 minutes before I ride from cold, 160,000 Klms on my DR 650 and she does not use a drop of oil and the oil is still surprising clean at oil changes, brown not black.

    Start on the enricher and then close it after about 5-10 seconds and she sits there idling and she is good to go.

  3. I have never warmed engines up by idling them, get going as soon as the engine is usable, (some carbed engines are balky when cold). 3000rpm on the bike engine will probably get it up to a reasonable temperature pretty quickly but it will piss off your neighbours if you have a noisy pipe.

  4. I've noticed the fast idle circuit working longer for the past few weeks, evidently it's colder around 7am when I leave for work. By the time I wheel the bike out(running) close doors/gates/padlocks then put earplugs in/helmet on/gloves on/kick the cat etc, it's near enough 45degrees most days. Engine gets no real revs or load until the best part of 10mins after it starts. Same thing leaving work.

    The neighbours love me 🙂

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