13 thoughts on “Epic Space Station White Noise | Sleep, Study, Focus | 10 Hours”

  1. Amazing graphics. Awesome. So realistic. Makes me wish I was living 200 years from now. Although we don't even know if the human race will survive that long. We could have blown ourselves to extinction by then, or be left with no technology, so that we revert to a society like that of 3000 years ago. I bet you had real fun creating it though.

  2. Your most advanced loop yet. Is it my imagination, or is there a slight change in tone when the second ship flies by? Excellent work all around.

  3. i wish there was a video game with this whole space stations inside as a map to explore and have it as a thriving human colony in orbit around Jupiter , mining and growing food in space …….zzzz…zz.zzzzz.

  4. I fall asleep every night to these beautifully crafted sounds. That said I'd like to see someone figure out a way to block out the "beep beep" sound of work vehicles backing up and other work related noises like shovels scraping on pavement, banging hammers etc. All these noises live within a certain range of frequencies but I have yet to find anything that will block them out.
    Maybe it isn't possible I don't know. Anyway I still sleep like a baby at night now.

  5. I love this one. The gentle beat is so soothing, and the illusion of motion with this video is really relaxing too.

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