14 thoughts on “Fails of the Week: There’s a bear on the loose!! (June 2017)”

  1. Why keep putting animals getting hurt ? I bet 99% of people would agree if the person who uploaded this was getting hurt it would be actually be funny

  2. Reading these comments after this long, I'd say FA DID listen to critique. The stacks of BMX fails did stop after this vid.

  3. People
    would you like to make money. I know I do.
    here's all you have to do is send me your fails and if I use your video I'll pay you $20.00 for you video.

  4. Um… aren't you supposed to overtake from the side where there's broken white line? ( genuinely asking as I really don't know ) If so, whoever "cut" the police cars had all the right to do so.

  5. Damn, that guy in the last one is a huge pussy. If I am in trouble I hope to God he isnt the only person around.

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