1. Just Saw Tai Lopez before watching this video and His making profits using social media looks smart, not fake
    I don't have nothing against these guys but I also agree with your points especially When you say that Is about freedom not buy Stuff

  2. I agree and disagree. I like your point of view though. I'm hoping my current business ventures turn out very well. I told myself if they do, I'm buying myself a nice used Ferrari or something very high class. Why? Simple marketing. At the same time, buy a simple house of like 2k sq feet. The car would basically be to show legitimate business success and pull in customers and clients. I in no way want to flaunt like some people that advertise their wealth on YouTube blatantly.

  3. I totally agree, and I get bored by that same guy.. talk talk talk.. didn't ever understood what his was about to say

  4. There was literally an ad with a dude and a Lamborghini trying to pitch an SEO-marketing class before this video played.

  5. You could make the same video in 5 minutes or less, cut the extra explications man, they are a waste of time for all of us. And if you do it for the money, or for the youtube's algorithm, then you are as fake as those guys. You don't have a business, you are a youtuber.

  6. I found Tai Lopez's advice to be quite useful. He does talk a lot of waffle but if you ignore all the noise some of the things he says are helpful.

    I also realised that a lot of young millennials of my generation are encouraged to live life for "experiences" rather than material gains however this has completely backfired and most of my friends live for "experiences" not for the experience itself but so they can snapchat it and post it on their social media feeds.

  7. I love the freedom part. I completely agree with you. I'm glad I have this mentality. I've been 4 months as a fulltime day trader and Have yet to buy anything expensive. I care about being financially stable not about things. The goal is to not have another 9-5 ever again. Great video!

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