13 thoughts on “Faster than forecast: the story ice tells about abrupt anthropocene climate change with Jason Box”

  1. A few years ago I suggested that all consider "The Melt Rate". It came to pass. We're finished. Period.  AmericasShame.com/teotwawki.html

  2. This video is certifiable fraud and/or mental retardation.
    The AGW hoax is destroying the word "science".

  3. You should think about how to cut world population drastically and quickly to 1-2 billion, otherwise overpopulation will cause war, famines and pestilence.

  4. Yes greenland ice sheet now growing at 3.5 billion tons a day since 1 st sept 2016.That is 50% faster than normal so the pause in global warming is over we cool and fast Now we see global temperatures falling faster than ever recorded The sun not CO2 governs climate we are now entering a ''Solar grand minimum we cool and fast .That is not good .warming is good

  5. Mankind ,not "men" have really fucked things up. Male female, were all in this together. A silly comment but still think your a great scientist .keep up the good work

  6. I think he should stick to working in the field. He turned an important topic very boring. Not a good lecturer.

  7. Some "conventional wisdom" is that sea levels will rise 17 metres if Greenland loses all its ice.

    If we believe that, therefore the seal level would have been 17 metres higher, when Greenland had little ICE (and was Green), 1000 years ago?

    So, was it? I have yet to see ANY historical data supporting such an assertion (17m tre higher sea levels than today).

    If one applies their claims to history, there's no scientific or logical basis – whatsoever.
    Nor is there ANY data that says levels were even a metre higher.

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