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    We are deeply shocked and greatly saddened at the passing and loss of our friend and guitarist Tom Edwards (Tommo)

    Tom Edwards was in the USA performing a number of shows with Adam Ant .
    Yesterday afternoon (Jan. 26. 2017) we received a phone call from a member of the group informing us of the devastating news that Tom was found unresponsive and taken to Kennedy Hospital in Cherry Hill, N.J., where he was pronounced dead at the age of 41.

    Carl McCoy, Fields of the Nephilim and all associates within our close knit organisation have shared great memories with Tom for many years, he was always a pleasure to have around on and off stage. A Great man with a unique charm and character who presented an honest passion and inherent talent for music.

    Sometimes mere words on a page are not enough. This is such a time.

    Tommo we take our hats off to you and will miss you deeply but will never forget you.

    Forever Remain

  2. Play this on a very warm, summer sunset night. It then becomes into it's own. Just enough to be heard but not get drowned out. It will give you a smile worthy of a Sumerian king.

  3. magnificent…
    i'm listening to the fields since 1990, elizium has always been my favorite FOTN album. and wail of sumer, together with following and there will your heart be also, really makes my heart wailing. –> mel you are as dark as me, but i hope you can really get into this. love you. <–

  4. James Wright;carl Mccoy.
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    You can see the earth, we're high here
    Climbing over sumertown
    You can kiss the air, we're gliding
    Follow me for sumerland
    No sound life, no essence
    We lay estranged in our curious ways
    Memories lay beside us
    I'm seeing through an age, who I am
    Through sumerland
    Lead me
    Summer land
    Lead me
    Taken from God, forgivers
    Sent in to the dark to play
    From life here I lead them
    Taken away from where they laid
    Through sumerland
    Lead me
    Summer land
    Lead me
    Getting old together
    To breathe myself free I'll stay
    We're high here forever
    No tomorrow and no today
    Through sumerland
    Lead me
    Summer land
    Lead me

  5. Wonderful Song Wail of sumer 🙂 This song Is So Soothing To  my Ears. Awesome Pictures as well. Fields of the nephilim Fan Forever <3

  6. Saw them in 1989, in 1990 in 1995 as Nefilim and then again in 2010. the pure magic power only once seemed to hide, when Carl wore a basecap and played weird metal. nowadays they really manage to make you follow and escape again.

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