1. I’m not surprised. The fans are just in denial if they think their not. Like every girl group breaks up.

  2. Just because they're all releasing solo music doesn't mean they would break up now. The members of migos be releasing solo music and they not breaking up, and also in Destiny's Child Beyonce, Kelly and Michelle were doing the same thing when they was still in the group so why all the drama? They would obviously split in the future but i don't think now is the time lol.

  3. If they will break up, just spill it now. I cant with the rumors im very sad. And im preparing my self for the future without f5 music on my soul

  4. Its 2018. Im here to support anything the girls do. I love Fifth Harmony. So Normani will get my support with her endeavors. Ally will get my support with her endeavors. Lauren will get my support with her endeavors. And Dinah will get my support with her endeavors as well. I cant wait to see what the four of them have to offer individually and also as a group moving forward!

    Everything else is just counter-productive noise.

  5. So it wasn’t ok for Camila to have solo career while still being apart of fifth harmony but it’s ok for the rest of the girls

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