12 thoughts on “Final Fantasy Top 10 Hardest Summons to Obtain”

  1. I dare you to start getting into the Shin Megami Tensei series, the amount of frustrating bosses should give you years of material to work with.

  2. Yeah I got to admit zodiac is the most hardest summoned to acquire he terrifies the living hell out of me back when I was younger and loved to cheat I used Action Replay all the time I never play a game without it of course my ideas changed now I hate cheating but back when I did I would play it on the PS2 Action Replay infinite money Max level and I went up against them got to be like 15-20 times and lost every time I'll admit I beat him once I have the game for PS4 now and I'm never going to challenge him you can't pay me enough to do that he is terrifying

  3. Zodiark is definitely #1 for me. Even if you've fully equip the best defense in the game against dark, at best it's a 50% absorption rate, which means half the time you're getting hit and will die very soon. I pride myself in FF games, but this was the first boss that I actually died to 5+ times because whenever I got close to him, the sonuvabitch spams Darkja over and over again. It's a very cheap boss.

  4. Hecatoncheir was hard? Really? I never lost with against her summon *once*.

    I had more trouble with Sazh's aeon or Snow's aeon. This game divided the characters well, so it's not like you didn't had any excuse to not buff the characters. I feel like the reason people stopped playing this game altogether was simply because of the entirety of Chapter 11. That sudden spike in difficulty is worth stopping the game, not against a summon you had many opportunities to just stay back and enjoy grinding.

  5. I can believe zodiac in ff tactics isn't in this list it's retarded in how you get it and plus you can't even master the summoner job with out

  6. There are two that I could add to your list in place of the manditory ones.

    Zodiac from Final Fantasy Tactics – Not only do you have to beat almost the entire game and traverse the entire "bonus" dungeon down to the bottom floor, one of your Summoners must also be struck by and survive this spell to learn it. The problem? The boss is the only thing that will cast Zodiac and nothing survives Zodiac on its own, so you have to basically have a Summoner built like a fucking Mage Knight to learn it. He also has an array of other spells that he will use instead, each with their own top-tier levels of bullshit.
    Oh, and only one character can learn the spell at a time, so having it on more than one person is also…extremely…extremely burdening. You only get one chance at this summoner spell and it's not terribly worth it.

    Ragnarok from Final Fantasy 6 – This is just a choice and it's not a good one. If the Paladin Shield did not also teach Ultima, Ragnarok wouldn't be a "problem". But since the sword is so much more desirable, Ragnarok the Summons becomes almost eternally missed.

    Honorable Mention: Adamant Armor from Final Fantasy 2/4. Not a summon, but this was the single most horrible, awful grind of my gaming life. Getting a single Pink Tail from Pink Puffs on the original SNES version took me the better part of a month on and off, just for one of these ridiculous pieces of armor. -_-

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