FIRST BLOOD – Let’s Play – Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony (DRV3) – 7 – Walkthrough Playthrough

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  1. This episode was so interesting and good holy cow. But also….also I feel a little ):

    I really like these characters so far.

  2. Sorry for this long post.

    P.S. Before I get this post underway, I just wanted to let the mods (and Nico) know that this lp is literally the only source of info I have on the game. The theory I'm posting here is just from what I've witnessed so far in Nico's playthrough.

    I'm feeling like the game wants you to think it's Kaede… But thinking about the turn of events, the only people who knew about the secret library door are Shuichi, Kaede, and the mysterious "mastermind". The only people who know about the cameras are Shuichi, Kaede, and Miu. Therefore… the only people who could have set up a trap like that, right in front of the camera… Would be Kaede, Miu, or Shuichi. Shuichi had the receiver thing for the cameras, so he could've turned off the cameras when he went to the "Game Room", and then set up the trap with the iron ball… He then probably didn't care who went in there, or he got Rantaro to go in there to check things out… He turned on the cameras, and left the library within 10 seconds… and then the trap was sprung.

    If it was Kaede, I think she would definitely be reacting a bit more hesitantly to working with another person… It makes sense for Shuichi to want to work closely with Kaede though, since he's been bonding with her so much. And it's easy for him to look less suspicious, since you can't see his eyes with his hat. I'd be really sad that Shuchi was the murderer… but that's what it's looking like so far.

  3. I don't know about what Niko said when monofin had to abide by the rules is all true.. but it is true she does when developing those photos for evidence, but what evidence? For the Killer or The Mastermind? There's a definite loophole there NicoB

  4. I'm so mad! I have never picked a favorite character in these games because I know that anyone could die or be a killer, but I finally picked a favorite character because I thought he would live for a long time. But no! Why did he have to die?! Why Rantaro???

  5. 1) i don't think that shuichi's gonna die anytime soon, he feels like the kirigiri or chiaki of the game i think?
    and 2) i totally thought kaito was gonna be the first to die since he's so nice! although it makes more sense that rantaro died, since he was saying he would finish the game and all that. competent characters can't live for too long in danganronpa

    kaede's first thoughts are super suspicious too oh no…she immediately rationalized that rantaro's death was alright because she expected the person to get hit by the trap to be the mastermind oh nooo

  6. Meh I feel like we getting played maybe hes good at feigning death or this was all part of his plan also something tells me the bear is going to hide something the cast can't know about.

  7. could you please stop overthinking and getting so torn for too long and just see what happens next so you can enjoy yourself more ?
    you acted the same way in Persona 5 on that one thing that you were worried about , and there too it was unnecessarily long and gross to watch you get torn instead of advancing to find out

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