11 thoughts on “FIX unable to connect couldn’t retrieve directory information network not connected Fusion kodi 2017”

  1. what a fucking waste of time rant there are other ways to get EXODUS but this sure is not it , absolutely NO FIX here at all , just five minutes of useless advice and B.S. , , ,
    AAaaaaarrrrrrgggghhh ! ! ! !

  2. You didnt give the link as to how to download it. Total waist of 5 minutes and 26 seconds of my life

  3. Not helpful. Thanks. We get it's down so where CAN we go. We JUST got our box. Can't figure out where to get the addons and this video says fix it. Except it doesn't. All it does is frustrate me more. Maybe telling people what they can do instead would be more helpful.

  4. Nothing works! Cannot install Ares Wizard at all. Same message or just nothing. I tried the new URL and it doesn't work either. Can anyone fix this?

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