16 thoughts on “Flat Earth! (BTS)”

  1. Not gonna lie im getting pretty annoyed and tired about all these "BTS" comments and how 'disappointed' armys are when they realize this isnt a Bangtan video. Liken, its common sense you see the title and you just know its not about BTS. Its getting really annoying, army, and this is why a lot of other fandoms dont like you guys. I have no problems with the mature ones, but its these immature babies that are getting on my nerves. Honestly. – from a former Army

  2. ᐱᒧƧΞΞᕈⵓ The Earth Is Round
    Ш∅KΞⵓ The Earth Is Flat
    ΞИᒧI⅁ΗTΞИΞDⵓ The Earth Is A Hologram Projected By 4th Dimensional Reptilian Pedophiles Who Are Sucking The Life Force Out Of Our Youth

  3. I see you Drinking RED BULL! YOU GAVE UP ON YOUR RESOLUTION! but you gave up in the New years resolutions video…


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