11 thoughts on “Flinch w/ Fifth Harmony”

  1. If I were to get murdered, I'd want 5th harmony to suffocate me with their powerful and gorgeous legs

  2. Whoever choose those clothes should be fired immediately…all terrible. Normally don't mind it but yikes those don't look good

  3. Lauren to James: yeah I don't really get scared
    Me: hmmmm *has a flashback*

    (Old 5H interview)
    Camila: AH!
    Lauren: Hi, what's up
    Camila: I just wanted to scare you
    Lauren: you really scared the crap out of me
    Camila: I was hoping for a bigger reaction
    Lauren: I'm doing an interview
    Camila: so I can still scared you whenever I want

    *end of flashback*
    Me: hmm sure Lauren suuuure

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