10 thoughts on “Force Visions Elevator Scene Explained – REYLO – Kylo Ren & Rey – Star Wars Last Jedi”

  1. There is a reason why I absolutely adore this elevator scene (not only becouse of the dialog). Rian Johnson give us a clue: look to the walls, did you notice that Rey's background (when they look to each other) is full of light with dark stripes…and Kylo's background is the opposite – dark with light stripes. I think it's a hidden (or mb not))) interpretation of a balance between them. Or mb I'm just simply mad reylo fan)))

  2. You hit the nail on the head, in my opinion. They are drawn to each other, yet repelled by the other's ideologies. I think that those on the light side (and Star Wars fans) often think that "bringing balance" to the Force just means that the good side wins. That's not what it means. When Rey sees the necessities for both light and dark, then she will become a true Jedi. I think that Ben will end up finding redemption in the sacrifice of his own life, much like Darth Vader.

  3. I hope an incredibly evil new force drives Rey and Ben to work together. I also hope that they each give up their sides of the force and use the balance of the force. Maybe it could be like a new type of force? The neutral force. A beautiful balanced middle where no body has to choose.

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