16 thoughts on “Fox And The Hound Cafe – ❄️Minecraft Harmony Hollow SMP ❄️ – Episode #31”

  1. Delphron I think it will be funny if you sell seapeekay for your shop with Nicola because he is a 'fox'

  2. Please name the hegehog Tony because my hegehogs name is Tony that would make me soo happy if you named him that please

  3. You should put a heart in the center of the fox in the front like you did with your new house (if you can fit it)

  4. Hey Delly loved the video hope you have an amazing new year and can't wait till we hit 30k maybe even 40 or 50k who knows whatever happens i hope you dylan and everyone has an amazing new year <3 btw what's you new years resolution delly?? And anyone else who reads this ^-^

  5. You could make and sell Wolf Armor or even Wolf outfits from dyed leather as part of the business. I think it is just a helmet and two pairs of boots to craft it if I remember right from a video I watched a while back.

  6. Your Mic was a little quiet compared to Phoenix but I love the cafe idea! I think it'd be cute to have the wolves running around the cafe like some real cafes do with dogs but idk if they would despawn or not.

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