10 thoughts on “Fragile ~ Delta Goodrem[with lyrics]”

  1. This is the song I'm using to never stop believing and to convey and explain how different people have inspired my music and my feelings watch this space. Deltas so strong. Sharing my journey like her subscribe e and watch for the lols if you feel like it x

  2. and somehow i always end up right here, listening and relating :'( My whole family keeps calling me fat, like a "joke" they always say i'm going to be the fat aunt in the future. I'm 20 years old and I've never had a boyfriend, though I have dated a few boys, but my mom keeps telling me that the reason it doesn't work out is because I show them how smart I am. But I don't understand, I've always been smart, good grades got me a scholarship to one of the best ranked universities, and somehow my friends there always call me smart with impression, they make feel like it is a good thing, and a lot of them say they admire my body. But then I don't understand why boys don't seem interested in me? why does my family sometimes feel ashamed of me speaking out and sounding too smart? why do they say things like i'm getting fat? And most of all, why is it whenever I try to talk about any of this with my twin sister, who's supposed to be like my best friend, she always ends up saying something to stop talking about it, like why can't she see I am literally crying for help? and now I'm just sitting here, in the bathroom, alone, listening to this, and crying as quietly as I can so that nobody hears me, because they don't care, because if they did they wouldn't hurt me like this

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