Frightening: You Won’t Believe What’s Underneath the Oroville Dam- Paul Preston-The CSS 6/11/17

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  1. Dear Mr. Hodges,

    My Dad was an inspector on the Oroville Dam during original construction. He spoke up during the construction and filed major concerns back during construction but was steamed rolled. I think it's possible my Dad, NORM(AN) SCOTT HODGES was murdered in 1980 because of his knowledge and his speaking out.

    Synchronicity how we share the same last Name!

    Norman Scott Hodges
    Birth: Aug 8th 1941
    Death: March 12th 1980 Sumner, Pierce, Washington, United States of America

    I can be reached on my cell phone 253-307-7763


  2. Is there any more information on the ADMs?  I've been scouring for more info on this.  Are there any historical videos or documents on these ADMs?  I mean, what about earthquakes could cause these things to go off.  I live 23 miles south.  I posted this on a next door neighbor forum, but really, Paul Is the only one talking about this.  So people aren't skeptical (I believe you), is there any other info?  Also, the video I did find by the Australian lady, I do see two flashes of light in the video taken by local residents that went over there to investigate but no other videos.  I've been searching so …. where can  you get the info on adms? NEVER MIND.  FOUND VIDEO – apparently there's a physicis/research lab under Oroville dam 600 feet down or 530 feet down.  Marcia Bartusiak wrote an article (brilliant youtuber Perth Observer has some pretty key videos on this stuff) and several books — studying same types of things as CERN people.  Thinking they still use it but not sure.  Wow.  God knows what is going on down there.

  3. Galatians 5:15 Wake Up people, the days are evil.
    Ephesians 6 10 We don't fight against flesh and blood, but princapalities in high places.
    This passage goes on to say; put on the full armour of God.
    The Word of God is more accurate than tomorrow's news papers.
    We were told the end from the Beginning. Prophecies are coming to pass at an alarming rate.
    I am thankful for you putting out the Truth. Another scripture says; My people Parrish for lack of knowledge. Jesus Loves Us and Our Hope must be ⚓ in Him !
    The enemy of the people God Almighty created; definitely knows what The Word of God says, his goal has always been to Kill, Rob
    and Destroy as many of God's Creation made in His image.
    Many people are decieving as they themselves are deceived. Please know this that we have been given only a little more time of Grace to Wake Up and warn people to repent and get back to placing Our Hope in God Almighty alone through Jesus Christ who is not willing that any should Parrish without coming to the Savior and accepting by Faith what He done at the Cross to bring whosoever will receive, back into right relationship with Our Heavenly Father.

  4. California has been overtaken by UN Agenda 21 monsters, and part of the agenda is depopulation, forcing people into the cities where they can then be basically 'caged', and then their homes and lands made OFF LIMITS to them. Study Agenda 21 for the whole truth. It is worse than communism, and the TRAITOR, Bush Sr who AGREED to it in 92 at the Rio Earth Summit,  deserves DEATH for what he agreed to!!!!

  5. I'm in Canada as well,9/11 was bad and this is incredible diabolical ,see why Jerry Brown and company must of been devastated that their plan didn't work and he couldn't show his face,so his next plan is,that Sheriff was put there for a reason not a fluke!! History keeps repeating itself!! At least we know who is what on the planet,now is the time to,…….well you know now!!

  6. who was responsible for having that much water in the lake they're not supposed to have that much water. till after the snow pack runs off it was really weird we said 97 they're not supposed to have that much water was Jerry Brown responsible for that if so he's responsible for all the damage let alone we all know the water was not supposed to be in the damn and how dangerous it was and I've asked that question many times it's so as people from up in Washington and you know what they say cuz I asked lamalfa oh we don't know that's under investigation still answer you get somebody had to make that decision and of course they wanted to lick full you're absolutely right that's only one reason they have that much water in there because it's set in stone there's not supposed to be that much water in at that time of year no way no how it's a flood control Dam

  7. Surprise surprise, the building which was completely on fire in London didn't collapse.  Only 3 buildings in history have (supposedly) collapsed from fire.  3 Steel skyscrapers in NYC

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