17 thoughts on “FUNNIEST DETENTION SLIPS GIVEN TO KIDS ft. dangmattsmith”

  1. I also had another one when my teacher was pointing a ruler at me and said " At one end there is an idiot," So I asked " But sir which end" I got 3 detentions for that 🙁

  2. I got a detention in history and I got so mad when the head teacher came in I called him boldilocks because my history teacher called him in so I screamed at him calling him boldilocks

  3. Kids in my class are like "guess what", then a different kid is like "what?" Then the kid is like "your mom!" Idk why but they think they swag

  4. Pics of candy cane hits Matt on the head with it yells Infidel puts candy cane down goes back to normal life

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