Galaxy S8 Tips: First things to do with your new phone!

15 thoughts on “Galaxy S8 Tips: First things to do with your new phone!”

  1. This was in my suggested vids, and I went "Yeah right, coz I can afford that". A few hours later my mother came home and instructed me to set up her new phone which was, surprise surprise, S8 in Maple Gold. LOL. So in the end, I found this to be the most helpful S8 tips video ( I watched a few others as well), and now I've liked and subscribed. 🙂

  2. Just picked up S8+ today for my 19th birthday today. And I love it, been owning S series Samsung since S3

  3. In my opinion the very FIRST thing you should do when you buy the phone is put it in a case and put a screen protector over it. And for people that are going to say 'oh but if I put it in a case I won't be able to see the beautiful back on my phone and it defeats the purpose of buying it' and so on, the solution is to get a clear case for it. You CAN get one.

  4. Super psyched to get my hands on a S8. Personally I do believe the stock themes and wallpapers on a device are the best (because they've been optimised etc) and you're the first you tuber to cover that with the S8 which I really appreciate. Keep up the good work and hoping to see more of your videos.

  5. I am a bit worried about the S8 rebooting issue a lot of people talking about ? is it really that widespread ? i am planning to buy an S8+ this week so i want to make sure before i buy it …

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