11 thoughts on “Gerard Butler – Law Abiding Citizen – Interview”

  1. It's a great movie and a fantanstic job by Gerard Butler!!! More Power!!! I've watched it several times!!!

  2. Gerard was wonderful in this film. His strong personality shines through whatever character he is playing. I think that this is why people identified with his character and could empathise with him despite the violence of his actions. Yes,his eyes ARE compelling,maybe it's because the intelligence of the man (Gerard) behind them can be sensed by the viewer.

  3. Has anyone else noticed Gerry's recent trend in his rolls of getting tied up and gagged? What's up with that Gerry?

  4. I really didn't get all the negativity towards the movie…..ive seen movies faaar worse get much higher and better reviews…..the ending was a bit of a disappointment but it definitily catched my attention for the full time

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