7 thoughts on “GOING GREY!!! | xameliax Weekly Vlog #95”

  1. Hi lovely, great to have you back, your hair is fabulous. Your makeup on Saturday cake morning was beautiful, could you tell me what lipstick you were wearing please?

  2. The more I see your hair I love it beautiful I'm think of cutting my hair I'm like you need a new change

  3. India looked amazing but exhausting and you’ve only just got back and are super busy again! Try to take a day for yourself and don’t keep cracking on and powering through! You’re body needs rest, especially if you’re not sleeping well at the moment and I know what it’s like having those constant nightmares – really upsetting and wears you out! So do give yourself a break before you become ill again – I admire the way you live life at full throttle but remember that you’re health must always come first! Lovely vlog as usual but you did seem quite rundown from the outset and I think you just haven’t given yourself enough rest since India – travel takes its toll on everyone, however fit and healthy. Don’t want to see you ill again hon, so do give yourself some time off to rest and recuperate and remember it’s good to say no sometimes – by going to fewer events, you can enjoy the ones you do go to all the more! Thanks for another great vlog and stay healthy, hon!
    xxx Tabitha & Misha xxx

  4. Aaww I felt you were going to have a change of heart about the lighter streaks at the front. I do think it is better changing it more darker. I actually think a rose red would look lovely on you too. Sometimes in certain lights you have that redish cooper tone so I think a rose colour would look pretty on you too.. 🙂 x

  5. I love how excited you are by your hair! I remember when you got so upset when your long hair got cut too short but I think this change has just really increased your confidence!

  6. Hi Amelia , love your hair .. both times it was beautiful, I’m glad you went and got it fixed to suit what makes you happiest . Sorry you were feeling rubbish Sunday , but you did have a hectic week . Can you do a tutorial on your beachy waves / curls please , they always look amazing. Also can you do a blog post on skin care regime , I’d love to read about the products you’re using .

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