10 thoughts on “GOP lawmakers sound alarm about 2018”

  1. Don' t be so optimistic….. half of the population is on " ice" , the GOP is still their " cunt- servative" party and trump is always their " monkey king "

  2. GOP is really worried because of Mueller. That is all you have. You are Dems. Nothing on taxes, nothing on infrastructure, nothing on immigration. only Mueller Mueller Mueller. Too bad Mueller has nothing either. Nothing on collusion, nothing on obstruction, nothing even firing Mueller. The only thing he has against Trump is that his team consist of traitors who colluded with Hillary, Obama, Russia and Chinese Communists. He is the insurance policy underwritten by a bankrupt insurer. He is a farce, and a filthy farce at that.

  3. Who cares about Dent…who did not make a dent in improving US. President Trump is an INDEPENDENT…and that is why fools like those RINOs do not lie him and DemocRATS hate him. Who cares what they think? GOOD RIDDANCE. As for polls they are as fake as CNN,.

  4. Looking at FCNN is like looking at someone eating their own vomit. Mr. Trump will have problem in the next election. As for polls we all know about polls ha ha ha lol . The best thing about Mr. Trump he is not a dem or a rep. he is for the people. not a politician, and the people will put him in again the next time.

  5. Don't worry Republicans; you know the voters are stupid, you will still retain power. No Republicans are gonna vote for the Democratic nominee. You will make up a slogan that will stir the imagination of the independent sucker

  6. Follow Trump at their own peril. The Trump base can't help the Republicans in an avalanche of women voters. Republicans are done as a party.

  7. Flake is out , McCain is out , Corker is out , who CNN are you going to get to talk your spin after that . only sorry ass democrats who will be completely decimated in 2018 …

  8. propaganda ,,, after the tax reform kicks in the economy will be flying . its the economy stupid , money talks bullshit walks . no one cares about ideology only their own financial little world .

  9. I've been making the old white people (not just men) argument forever…this demographic thinks they are the representation of a whole nation and get triggered when you try to tell them otherwise. They make up about 30-40% of the voter population for a reason. As bad as it sounds, their viewpoints or their viewpoints on what America needs will die with them.Sorry Felicia

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