7 thoughts on “Gord Downie – Introduce Yerself (Official Audio)”

  1. I still can't believe he's gone! I'm just so happy he managed to do another solo album before he passed. R.I.P Gord R.I.P

  2. “Introduce Yerself”: One of the songs Downie wrote after his invasive brain surgery, it begins while he’s riding in the back seat of a vehicle with a friend. His memory is deteriorating and he’s struggling with the name of his driver, even though he feels he should know him. He writes “Introduce Yerself” on his hand and pokes his friend, hoping the suggestion might ease the tension. Downie talks about how that moment stuck with him. On Christmas Eve, he decided to tattoo the words on his hand. But the tattoo shop was closed and the phrase was never inked, though Downie immortalized his idea on the album cover.

  3. Remember in Lord of the rings when Gandalf passed into the shadow…later when the fellowship was in the forest and the elves were singing somewhere in the distance. Legolas said it was a lament for Gandalf but he couldn't say the words because the pain was just too near. This Album , for so many is that elven song that hurts our hearts to speak. RIP Gord

  4. I listen to this, bawling my eyes out, tears falling into the dishwater……… RIP, Gord. I'll NEVER forget you for inviting me specially to your first ever worldwide podcast of Coke Machine Glow, after you read my review of your book of poems by the same title. It was the first live music podcast on the Internet, I was front row center, you in the spotlight, and a spotlight still shines on that memory of mine. Baa maa pii, see  you down the road……….Much love <3

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