18 thoughts on “GRAND THEFT BOAT – Unturned GangZ S5E03 (Hawaii Map Multiplayer PvP)”

  1. Hey paul can u please do ECO again i really like you as a youtuber and wishes to your channel #1 youtuber

  2. You should think about playing 7 days to die again. It is much more fun now. You can make an underground bunker and have the whole night to mine.

  3. Can i join the opb gang ill bring Anti-chalupa spray lol if yes witch will never happen thank you -Merlin

  4. LOL Great timing to say the least…but don't pretend it was just a coincidence. ROFL. Now for the tactical mistake you did commit. You could've/should've scuttled the chase boat before you stole/rescued Smurfette. Other than that…the whole mission was priceless. LOL OPB4EVR

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