9 thoughts on “Grow GIANT Tomatoes Vertically & Organically | TOMATO TIPS–DAY 60 Update”

  1. I bought a pack of greenhouse red cherry tomatoes from the market, they are totally acidic and absolutely no hint of sweetness at all. It's very hot season 95f outside, what could be causing them to be so acidic?
    And what yield better boy are giving you in your garden?

  2. Hi Charles! My early girl is developing BER in a container I have it in. What can I do to save it? Also can I take it out of the container and plant in another bigger container or the ground at this point? I've been feeding it tomatoe tone , eggshells, and the MG feed , fish and kelp, but it still developed it. I'm so confused please help!

  3. my eyebrows raised when he said "you probably have half the periodic table in here" (16:45) … if true that is VERY cool. seems like a wild exaggeration but I couldn't tell you for certain. something for me to look into. 55 to 60 elements, out of 118, from a gardener's compost?

  4. Love some help with Zone 10, Southern FL; summer. This year, just got Bonnie Plants Phoenix and Florida 91; and Heatmasters. Also, Burpee Heatwave II seeds. It's April 22. Ferry-Morse Fordhook Bush #242s not germinating. Help!

  5. This is a new one on me.I didn't know you installed tomato plants.I always planted mine.I guess i am a little old fashioned

  6. I have been using old tee shirts cut up for support – it is good when we get wind – do not want the string cutting the branches as it sways in the wind…

  7. Hola! I got this fish fertilizer, I wanted to know if I fertilize it every day or like once a week? And thank you again

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