17 thoughts on “Handle With Care: Gillette’s New Assisted Shaving Razor”

  1. I am a palliative care nurse. This is the most beautiful representation of the realities, challenges and privileges of caring for our loved ones. You chose to share about your company and advertise through the lens of the real men who use your products and share their stories, rather than going the "easy route" with a young attractive model. That takes courage for a company. Bravo for your ingenuity of design of a product that provides dignity for the special men in our lives. I want to learn more about it!!!

  2. I noticed that a) it's a Gillette Guard head and b) you said you now use it once and then throw it away.  So does that mean now that my Gillette Guard can only be used once?

  3. My father just pasted away in September, the last ADL (actives of daily living) that he did-was shave himself.

  4. My father abandoned me when i was born, i never knew him as a father nor as a man…Not even that stops me from crying.

  5. Absolutely beautiful! Thank you for showing the emotional role family caregivers play each day. When will the TREO Razor on the market??

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