13 thoughts on “Happy Tree Friends – Bite Sized”

  1. You'd think after getting your jaw messed up by a Jawbreaker before.. you WOULDN'T do it again. Then again.. this is Nutty we're talking about..

  2. WILL ALL OF YOU JUST HELL UP?!?!!!? First of all, HTF is (NOT) Dead. It was on hiatus. Also this was a joke by Mondo because The Happy Tree Friends Die. Also at the end of the "HTF Break" Butter me up! The HTF is Dead logo is erased by Lumpy, SO THERE!! All the time I'm writing this, HTF is once again on hiatus. Why? Because They are making a Feature Length Film of HTF. Hope thats all cleared up. P.S….THE DICK FIGURES MOVIE SUCKED!!!! JK. I loved that movie 😉

  3. why do some people hate these stuff but they're watching these kind of stuff??? confusing…

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