Have to Get a New Plae to Stay

I Have to get a new plae to stay, because this is just not working out. Of course I have to figure out what I can afford and what sort of amenities I can afford. You can go to this web site, energyproviderstexas.com and they will tell you which energy companies will be available to you in a certain place. I would like it if I could find a good place which had natural gas, because that is the least expensive way to heat a house. Of course keeping cool is usually a bigger deal down in Texas, but we are right on the Red River near the Oklahoma state line. It is a big deal to keep warm at night up here, in fact we are expecting a big snow storm to come off the plains in a couple of days. I am not in the mood for having to wrap up in a blanket to stay warm, but in this place that is necessary.

This is not a great place to live and I knew that when I moved in here, but the landlord is a total slacker and he has no desire to hold up his end of the deal. I am already in this big dispute with him over the rent. Of course the place needed repairs done to it and since he would not do them I spent my own money doing it. Since I knew that he was going to be a jerk I taped it and I have a video of it posted on youtube. So when he claimed that I had done nothing to deserve the cut in rent I sent him the link and I told him that he could take me to court. Of course that video is all that I need.

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