10 thoughts on “Heavenly Sign of the Winner 2001 Full Album”

  1. I ordered a copy of the Japanese pressing of this a few weeks ago; the bonus "Lonely Tears" is a pretty cool instrumental and great way to close the album. Still, while this is a pretty instrumental Speed Metal release IMO it bows the same problem Dust to Dust suffers from, too much double bass drum and over-reliance on certain vocal melodies and harmonies. I don't think this makes the album bad, but when you sit and listen to the entire thing in one sitting you can tell certain elements are stretched thin. Virus and Carpe Diem mix things up more and I think they're a little stronger because of it.

  2. La banda tiene una clara influencia de Stratovarius, ya que el vocalista me recuerda a la voz gloriosa de Timo Kotipelto.

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