16 thoughts on “Henry Richardson: Teen Bewilders The Judges With Clever Card Trick – America’s Got Talent 2017”

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  2. This trick requires minimal setup and minimal sleight of hand (triple card lift in particular) that can be learned in a few minutes of practice.

  3. It's honestly pretty funny how the judges would still fall for a double lift. I mean there's a ton of card magicians performing in AGT before, at least they should know something.

  4. Im a 14 year old magician and this trick is not really hard i wouldn't even say its intermidate.. but im impressed by how far you can come just by a simple trick.. i've been doing magic or should I say illusions for some time now and I must say there is so much more things you can do with a deck of playing cards.

  5. is mel B arabic.does she say  ' Assalamu alikum. ? . when signing her poker card ? wow i thought she was korean

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